Elementary Faith Formation Coordinator: Marie Chenevert 919-772-5199 or elem@stmarygarner.org Youth Apostolate Coordinator: Allison Dunphy 919-772-5524 extension 209 or  youth@stmarygarner.org Click for Faith Formation calendars: Elementary Middle/High School General for 2017-2018 September through May, we offer classes or youth group for 1st grade through 12th grade. We offer a two-year Confirmation course [must be in high school], a two-year First Communion course, Christian Initiation for unbaptized youth, and on-going formation classes for 3rd to 8th grades. Adults MUST walk their children (8th grade and younger) to their classrooms in St. Joseph Hall and wait with them until a teacher can check the children in. At the end of class, an adult must pick up the children from their classroom. Only high school youth are released from class without an adult present. Please be on time to pick up your child. Our teachers are giving their time. Each class is 90 minutes. The Bishop requires a family to be registered in the parish if they are participating in that parish’s faith formation program. We require a baptism and first communion record for each student in Faith Formation. Please share an email account that you check frequently. We also need one or more phone numbers to contact you when your child is with us. Registration concludes on September 6, 2017. There is no late registration period. In bad weather, check WRAL, WTVD, or WNCN and the St. Mary App or Facebook site for all closing or cancellation. Catechists and Substitutes needed Confirmed adults who enjoy working with children and youth are encouraged to teach. We provide ample materials for your own education and for teaching your class. Most classes need a team of teachers. We always teach with two teachers present. You should be a Catholic in good standing to share the faith of the Church. Catechists and Substitutes pay a reduced fee for their own children. We do a background check. Elementary, Communion and Christian Initiation Program Please take your child to the restroom on the way to their classroom. Class is 90 minutes. Have them wash their hands because of food allergies; some of our children are very allergic. First Communion is a two-year course. The first year is called 1st year; the second year is called Communion 2nd year. The child will receive Reconciliation/Confession and Communion during the second year.  Christian Initiation for unbaptized youth is a two-year course. The first year is done in a 1st year class; the second year is the Christian Initiation class, and the youth will receive the sacraments at Easter Vigil. Absences: For the 2 years of the Communion and Christian Initiation process, your child can only miss 6 classes a year. The 6 absences include all funerals, sick days, family vacations, and school activities. If your child is hospitalized, contact the Faith Formation office. In the Communion 2nd year or Christian Initiation class, if a child misses 3 or more classes, a child must make-up lessons in order to make the sacraments on time. Please contact the Faith Formation office for make-up lessons. There is no make-up work for the first two absences. Communion 2nd year classes have 2 short retreats on Saturdays that are required. One parent and the child attend the Retreat. Please contact the Faith Formation office weeks before the event if you are unable to attend. Communion 2nd year parents have a parent meeting in the fall and one in the spring that are required. These meetings are usually short. Christian Initiation classes are required to attend 6 Rites during Advent and Lent. Each Rite takes place during a Mass. See the Christian Initiation calendar. Parents of the Christian Initiation class have a parent meeting in the fall and one in the spring that are required. Christian Initiation parents are invited to attend every class meeting. Middle School Middle School is a regular Faith Formation program for 6-8th graders aimed at deepening students’ understanding of Catholicism through the Bible, Liturgy, and Church tradition. Confirmation Confirmation is one of three Sacraments of Initiation (the other two being Baptism and Eucharist) in which a person brought to the Church through Baptism confirms his or her desire to participate fully as a member of the Body of Christ. As such, Confirmation must be first and foremost the decision of the person receiving the sacrament.  The Bishop has designed Confirmation as a two-year program open to high school students. It requires service hours and participation in two different retreats, one each year. Attendance, participation, sponsor/parent meetings and needed forms will be outlined for families in the first class of Confirmation 1 and Confirmation 2. A parent must attend the first class. TEAM and student teaching Confirmed Catholics are encouraged to share the faith through teaching. TEAM helps in the Middle School and High School program. Contact Allison Dunphy. Confirmed youth may be assistant teachers in the elementary and Communion and Christian Initiation classes. They will be paired with an adult teacher who is 25 or older. Contact Marie Chenevert. Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) Catechist:  Pat Morgan  The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is not only a series of liturgical rites for those preparing to be initiated into the Catholic Church; it is a process of evangelization and spiritual formation as well. It encompasses at least a year-long process of inquiry, catechumenate (learning), and sacramental preparation, followed by a time of mystagogy, or the development of personal charisms.  The RCIA is a journey into new life in Christ through communion with his Church.  The RCIA process is appropriate for adults who are/have been: Baptized as infants in the Catholic faith, but given no instruction beyond that Baptized in another faith Unbaptized in any faith Adult Confirmation Catechist: Deacon Ron Soriano Phone: 919-426-4791 Adult Confirmation is for those over the age of 18 who have received all other sacraments in the Church and are ready to confirm their commitment to the baptismal promise made for them in their infancy.
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