About St. Mary Parish
Parish History The parish of Saint Mary, in Garner NC covers a wide section of Wake County which was formerly cared for by Raleigh’s Sacred Heart Cathedral. The full name of our church is Saint Mary, Mother of the Church Catholic Parish. Saint Mary was the first church in the United States given permission from the Pope to have this honored title. The first Mass for Catholic parishioners in Garner and Fuquay was held in a rented former beauty shop on Garner Road, April 12, 1964. This first Mass was said by Monsignor Roueche from Sacred Heart Cathedral with 34 people present. Mass was celebrated in this small building for six months and then moved to the American Legion Building on Main Street. In July 1964, 12 acres of land were purchased and the ground breaking for the new church was in February 1965. Dedication of the new Church was held on August 29, 1965. Saint Mary’s remained a mission for two years and on September 15, 1967 it was formally established as a parish, with Father Mulholland as our first pastor. St. Mary’s Pastors Through the Years: Fr. Charles Mulholland 1967 - 1968 Fr. Gerald Lewis 1968 - 1970 Fr. Michael Shugrue (Administrator) 1970 (2 months) Fr. James Kennan 1970 - 1973 Fr. Robert Lawson 1973 - 1975 Fr. Raymond Donohue 1975 - 1977 Fr. Joseph Drane 1977 - 1978 Fr. James Waters 1978 - 1984 Fr. Jeffrey Ingram (Administrator) 1984 - 1985 Fr. Kenneth Parker 1985 - 1987 Fr. Albert Todd 1987 - 1989 Fr. Charles Mulholland 1989 - 1996 Fr. Francis Maloney 1996 - 2000 Fr. Robert Schriber (Administrator) 2000 - 2012 Fr. David Chiantella (Administrator) 2012 - Present St. Mary’s Significant Events Through the Years: Apartment to house the pastor was added in 1970 Additions to the rectory in 1982 Sacristy crucifix donated by Father Todd in 1987 Stained glass windows through loving donations from parishioners in 1988 St Joseph Hall built and dedicated in 1990 Designing and implementation of landscaping began in 1992 Chapel added to the church wing in 1992 Knights of Columbus Council started in 1994 Dedication of the grotto 1996 Faith Development Wing dedicated in 1999
St. Mary Mother of the Church Catholic Parish